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1. Name - Rebecca
2. Age - 20
3. Occupation - Lover
4. music interests - All
5. favorite movies - None
6. what makes you special? - I have a scar on my elbow which gives me character
7. why do we want you here? - bc you owe it to me for stealing my icons and wearing my shirts. and bc i have HOT elbows.
8. what are somethings that make you mad/pet peeves? - when people make "some things" one word.
9. favorite color - pink
10. if you could change your name, what name would you pick? - james
11. do you like your elbow? - totally
hypothetical situation:
Susie has a pair of tickets for a local rock concert. Susie cannot attend the concert. Susie posts in a live journal community explaining her situation and that she has two tickets to sell. The tickets are $15 each. Susie states she will sell both tickets for "$60 or best offer." Someone replies to this live journal post wanting to buy the tickets for $60.
12. should Susie be punished? - yes
13. What do you do in this situation? - whip that bitch back into shape
14. Can we see your elbow? yes
15. What is your favorite food? milk and cereal. OR! cereal and milk.
16. Who are the happiest people? penguins
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