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i like chips?

1. Name - dylan
2. Age - 21
3. Occupation - sleep
4. music interests - mostly rock, punk, hardcore, silly girly pop, some jazz and classical
5. favorite movies - wes anderson movies, top gun, american psycho, tron, anything clint eastwood
6. what makes you special? - nothing at all
7. why do we want you here? - i guess i have mega sexy elbows and good clothes to steal
8. what are somethings that make you mad/pet peeves? - i have no ambition in life and sometimes when i spread peanut butter it tears up the bread and makes me weep.
9. favorite color - periwinkle blue
10. if you could change your name, what name would you pick? - either bear or kyril or maybe trishtan
11. do you like your elbow? - yes, my one elbow.
hypothetical situation:
Susie has a pair of tickets for a local rock concert. Susie cannot attend the concert. Susie posts in a live journal community explaining her situation and that she has two tickets to sell. The tickets are $15 each. Susie states she will sell both tickets for "$60 or best offer." Someone replies to this live journal post wanting to buy the tickets for $60.
12. should Susie be punished? - hell no
13. What do you do in this situation? - laugh at the idiot who pays $60 for $30 tickets
14. Can we see your elbow? - if you ask nicely
15. What is your favorite food? - lately i've been on a big chalupa kick
16. Who are the happiest people? - apparently asians

***these are all supposed to be half this size, but lj sucks at reading html. sorry for how huge my noodle is***
my headshot and elbow profile picture:

elbow from behind and elbow on a table:

more miscellaneous elbow shots:

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hahahhahahahahahahah I love it. Except SUSIE NEEDS TO BE PUNISHED.
THANKYOU, SARA ( current member of the month for the past year + )
i saw this earlier and was appalled by his lack of morals.
anywho, i think we need to step up the activity in this grand community and start posting MORE MORE MORE!
susie's just a savvy businesswoman, get off her.
no shes an evil bitch, quit defending her!!!!! this community does not support wrong doing!
Susie is an evil whore who also happens to be the ugliest person alive with the ugliest boyfriend alive. UGLY PEOPLE NEED TO BE PUNISHED!
hahaa, yea shes pretty damn ugly
wrong! susie needs to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

i guessssss we can accept you. but we are going to need to see a lot more elbow pictures to allow your mistake to slip.
i'm on it like syrup on waffles.
do it.